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RenderLapse was founded in 2016. We're an American team of the world's best motion designers, filmmakers, animators, marketing specialists and software engineers who are using that combined knowledge & experience to provide the best and most affordable way to give your project a spicy taste and professional look. 
Over the years we have crafted and perfected the digital packs that we now use daily to enhance our visuals and speed up our workflows. It is now our goal to make high-quality digital assets available for creators at every level of the game and help you unleash your most creative self to integrate the latest trends and create stunning effects and footage for your projects with quality and speed.
Our products have been a part of thousands of successful projects over the years and has developed a team of experts to help provide easy and fast solutions for producing projects in record time. We carefully curated the assets that got us amazing results again and again. These products have been rigorously tested over the years and are currently used daily for high-end projects by our team. They allow us to consistently get the professional look and feel we’re seeking.


✪ Our Mission

Our job is to engineer beautifully designed user-friendly digital tools for all of you creatives in the motion graphics, film making & video production industries to expedite your creativity, speed up your workflow and step up your video production quality.

✪ Our Vision

We are passionate about the design, utility, and integrity of our products but the one thing we are more passionate about is our customers! We want to offer them not just the best products and tools but the best customer support and service. Rest assured that we care about their satisfaction and that we will go the extra mile for them in every way.


✪ Our Clients

Our packs are perfect for all industries and trusted by more than +90,000 Clients including some of the world’s biggest Vloggers, Filmmakers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Social media influencers, Fortune 3000 companies, Marketing executives, Media Productions and More..


✪ Our Slogan

"We're Fabulously crafting & designing Everything you'll ever need to speed up your Creative Workflow while enhancing & stepping up the quality of your photos & videos under one roof, which will completely change the way content creators shop for digital products."