Affiliates & Partners

What is RenderLapse`s affiliate program?

Are you an Instagram Influencer or a youtuber in the field of photo & video creation? Do you have a 50,000+ followers on your Instagram page or YouTube channel and would like to spread a word about RenderLapse?

Become our affiliate and earn 15% commission for all products at

RenderLapse’s affiliate program works in a very simple way: When a new user clicks your affiliate link and makes a purchase – you’ll receive 15% from that purchase, and we pay you each time a new referred user makes a purchase at RenderLapse. 

For example, a user spends $297 on the "All In One" Bundle – you’ll get $44.55 from us.


Am I a good fit for your affiliate program?
RenderLapse’s affiliate program is a natural fit for YouTube channels with more than 50,000+ subscribers & Instagram influencers with more than 50,000+ real followers all in the niches of filmmaking, photo/video editing, graphic designing, color grading & 2D/3D animation creation. However, more generic platforms also found success in promoting RenderLapse.


How do I become an affiliate?
Send us an email at with a few words about you, your Youtube channel or Instagram page's URL and why you’re a good fit for our affiliate program. 

What are your payment options?
Currently, RenderLapse offers PayPal as a primary payment option with a $50 minimum payout. 

When do I get my payouts?
We pay all earnings on the 15th of each month for the previous month that exceed $50 (i.e. you get paid on the 15th of November for the month of October if you made for than $50).


How do I keep track of my performance and commissions?
You’ll have your personal affiliate dashboard which includes detailed reports on clicks and sales (we use a 3rd party professional affiliate software). Each link on your site has a unique tracking code. When a customer clicks through from your site to and purchases a product, we record that conversion and attribute it to your account. You can view your clicks, conversions and current earnings at any time in the Reports section. Information updates every 15 minutes.


Can I bid on trademarked terms or use them in domain names?
You may not bid on the trademarks “RenderLapse” or “,” or any variations thereof, including misspellings. You may not use those trademarked names in meta tags or domain names or link directly to our site from PPC ads.


What are the prohibited keywords?
We prohibit bidding on the following brand and non-brand keywords: renderlapse,,, all we have created bundle RL, Renderlapse packs, render lapse.